IFALPA Daily News – 11 March 2014‏


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Europe approves new accident reporting rule   

The European Parliament adopted a new accident/incident-reporting rule on March 4.

Nigerian air safety under scrutiny

An FAA evaluation team will travel to Nigeria on March 31 to conduct an international air safety

assessment (IASA) to determine if that country will maintain its category-one safety certification.

Sierra Leone international flights resume after safety halt

Airlines British Airways and Kenya Airways said on Tuesday they have resumed flights to and from

Sierra Leone after its main international airport replaced its broken fire engine.

Airport in Ukraine’s Crimea cancels all except Moscow flights

The main airport in Ukraine’s Crimea on Tuesday canceled incoming flights from the capital Kiev but

allowed several planes from Moscow to land, five days before a referendum called to join the Black

Sea region to Russia.

Government expects recovery in air traffic    

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) sees air traffic in the Philippines growing faster this year due to the

government’s efforts to lure more foreign visitors into the country as well as the expansion of routes

of airlines.