IFALPA Daily News – 14 March 2014‏


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Ukraine border guards force Russian pilots to sleep on planes, ‘threaten flights safety’

Russia’s largest air carrier Aeroflot says the actions of Ukrainian border guards threaten flight

safety after its pilots were repeatedly banned from leaving airport terminals and had to sleep

on planes overnight.

EU airline emissions compromise faces opposition

A number of EU politicians plan to vote against a deal to exempt long-haul flights from paying for

carbon emissions until the end of 2016 in an attempt to prevent the European Union from bowing

to international pressure.

Airbus and Boeing Indian forecasts do not align

Airbus and Boeing released their outlooks for the Indian airliner market over the next two decades

on at the India Aviation show in Hyderabad this week, with both OEMs estimating different figures.

Pilot’s timely decision averts major air tragedy in US

A tire blew out on a US Airways plane with 154 passengers and crew on board as it was speeding

down the runway at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday, prompting the pilot to abort

the take-off, officials said.

Libyan Airlines seeks to expand route network

Libyan Airlines is considering a major expansion of its route network in Africa and the Far East.

New low-cost carrier established in Tanzania

The new carrier has been set up by Kenyan safari and private charter carrier Fly-SAX, and Brown

Francis has been appointed as general manager.