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Soaring number of near-misses and drone sightings
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→“Police hunt drone pilot in near-miss”
“Drone comes as close as 50m to passenger aircraft”
→“A near collision between a drone and a private plane”
→“Plane narrowly misses drone near Paris CDG Airport”
→”Drone Hits Empire State Building; man arrested”
The list of such drone incidents is long and gets longer by the hour. 
In the US, pilots reported a surge in close calls with drones: nearly 700 incidents so far this year, according to FAA statistics. But in Europe, there is no overview of what happens & where it happens. Except for ECA’s ‘Drone Accidents & Incidents Repository’ – where we have started collecting information and mapping such events.

Note that this map depicts only a select number of incidents & accidents with drones.


Without claiming exhaustiveness, this ECA repository illustrates different and significant drone accidents and incidents, mostly but not exclusively in Europe. In the absence of any official database, building an overview of such events is a key tool to inform technical & policy solutions for integrating drones SAFELY in our airspace.
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