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More than ten years after the start of the initiative for a unified airspace, it appears that – contrary to popular belief – the European sky might be facing some limits. 
With a highly fragmented air management system run by 27 national operators and Member States reluctant to fulfil their commitments, the Single European Sky (SES) seems to be on the brink of failure.
The main objective of the SES project is to reform air traffic management in Europe in order to cope with the increasing air traffic capacity under safe, cost- and flight-efficient and environmentally friendly conditions. Over a decade after the launch of this ambitious plan, which is supported by Europe’s pilot community, the creation of a borderless European sky remains, however, a challenge.
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Transport Security Expo, 14-15 November 2012, London

Transport Security Expo brings airports and airlines, port and vessel operators and mass transit companies together annually, in a unique high level and secure conference, workshop and exhibition environment, devised to promote close cooperation on security issues across these globally strategic domain spaces. Transport Security Expo will next convene 14-15 November 2012 at London Olympia.
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Barometer on pilot fatigue

Over the last few years, fatigue among pilots and cabin crew has become a genuine concern in the aviation world.
Despite scientific studies showing that fatigue could jeopardise the safety of air operations, data about the prevalence of fatigue across Europe is scarce. With estimates of an
approximate doubling of air traffic by 2020, getting an idea about the extent of this phenomenon becomes crucial.
A 2010-survey by the Norwegian public service broadcaster, NRK, revealed that half of the pilots have fallen asleep or dozed off while on duty, with almost 4 out of 5 pilots stating they have felt too tired to be in the cockpit. Following these striking results, ECA Member Associations have taken up the challenge of surveying pilots in Europe. The results of the surveys among more than 6 000 European pilots have now been compiled in the ‘Barometer on pilot fatigue’.
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